As more people seek to maintain body fitness, the use of fitness devices is also increasing. For most people with busy schedules at work, school or business, owning one or more of the devices at home is becoming very popular. The manufacturers and designers of these devices have gone an extra mile to make them more appropriate for a home regarding efficiency, versatility, and space friendly. Home owners can now fit them in the garage, sitting rooms or a patio without much struggle. So, what are the popular fitness machines you can use at home?

Top rated fitness devices

Fitness inversion tables

One of the most sought after fitness and therapeutic devices for home use is the inversion tables. They are popular for athletes and people who want to stay fit especially on the lower back part. Further, they are convenient for the recovery of injuries and spine pains. When buying one, make sure it is sturdy, durable and easily foldable for easy storage. Inversion Table 400 lb capacity should be a good option for all people in the family, and you can buy one with ease from the online stores.

Elliptical trainers

An elliptical trainer is a machine which makes the user feel like they are climbing stairs yet there is no impact. The arm bars also ensure that the upper body is still fit in a coordinated way to the legs. For a home user, you can either go for a manual or automated elliptical trainer. Some of the benefits of the device include cardio health, biceps, and triceps health, lower body health and finally assists people to recover from various joints injuries. Buying a home elliptical trainer is easy, and one should consider one which will easily fit in the available space.


They are generally big and occupy more space at home. However, people with a gym area can significantly benefit from the device. It emulates running or walking although one does not move from one position. If you are a runner, you can opt to do it indoors without any challenges. With a programmable interface, a treadmill gives numerous options for training for the runners. Users of the device must wear running shoes to minimize the impact especially if they are recovering from an injury.

Fitness bikes

Busy people who love cycling can significantly benefit from fitness bikes. They are stationary devices which emulate cycling, but one does not move from point A to point B. The beauty of using the device is that they retain consistency after setting the right resistance. One does not have to go through different terrains like in the real cycling on the road. Fitness bikes are loved by ladies who want to have healthy and well toned lower body.

Fitness bikes

Chest press machines

This machine is a darling for bodybuilders and men who want to gain muscles around the arms and the chest. At lower resistance, ladies can use the chest press machine to remain well-toned arms and enlarge their bust. On the overall, the chest press machine helps people to have a healthy and fit cardio and the whole body at large.