Boxing is an exciting sport whose popularity has been growing tremendously in the recent past. However, unknown to most people, boxing is a high-risk sport due to the blows that land on the head. For purposes of reducing injuries on the head, it is crucial to invest in the protective headgear. This piece of equipment will provide definite protection to the head when in the ring boxing. Check out these tips on choosing the best boxing headgear:

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Sizing & Measurement

For a headgear to fit perfectly, it is necessary that its size, as well as measurement, is right. Generally, most brands use head circumference and the players’ height to determine the size and measurements of their headgear. The best way to identify the right size is by checking at the standardized sizing and measurement charts that are readily available on the internet. It is worth noting that fitting headgear not only provides the best protection but also is also comfortable to wear for long durations. Wrong fitting headgear can leave parts of the head exposed to injuries or cause excessive straining on the head.

Interior Padding

A sufficiently padded headgear is bound to provide the best protection and absorption against shock and vibrations. Additionally, this padding also enhances the comfort of wearing the headgear particularly for boxers who put on the gear for long. Headgear without interior padding may put you at risk of suffering injuries due to the aftershock generated once the gear is hit externally. Ventilation is yet another consideration for a cooling effect on the head when boxing.


The best headgear comes with fasteners and straps for fastening it on the head. This is for purposes of providing a tight fit around the head. A Gear that is not adjustable is often uncomfortable to wear and is prone to moving/shifting to one side when boxing. This may expose parts of your head to potential injuries from the opponent. In a perfectly fitting and equally adjustable headgear, the gear’s forehead part should rest slightly above the eyebrows so that it does not hinder your visibility.


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Most people argue that protection outweighs visibility when it comes to investing in protective headgear for boxing. However, this should not be the case as visibility is equally essential as protection especially if you are keen on winning your matches. Always opt for a headgear that does not hinder your visibility. This is a gear that provides the best protection while at the same time ensuring that your line of vision is clear. For instance, the cheek guards in the gear of choice should bend towards the cheeks so as not to block the ears.

When shopping for a good quality headgear for boxers, it is vital to settle on a gear that is strong and solidly built. Additionally, the gear of choice should be durable to withstand the impacts of daily use. Brands and models that break apart easily should be avoided as they do not provide value for money.