Having nerve damage can result in severe pain. The nerve system sends false signals to the brain, which are interpreted as pain to stimulate the necessary reaction. The pain can be in the form of a burning, freezing, tingling, pricking sensation. There are many different causes of nerve pain, which may require specific kinds of treatment. A few known natural treatments prescribed to alleviate the pain in a majority of these cases. A few of the most effective ways are highlighted below.

Dealing with nerve pains

Diethealthy Diet

There are certain types of food known to treat nerve pain. An example includes foods that contain DHA. DHA is simply an omega-3 fatty acid, which can be found in olive oil, walnut, fish, and other types of seafood. Ensure that you include seafood in your diet to get sufficient DHA amounts.

The Asian mushroom

Helium Erinaceus can enable the regeneration of nerves in the brain and spinal cord. It is contained in the Asian mushroom and comes as one of the most recommended nerve damage treatment. It allows the nerves to grow naturally in a healthy way. Other popular names for the Asian mushroom are lion’s mane and white jelly fungus. You can take it either as a liquid extract or in solid form.


The benefits of exercising stretch far and wide and can be felt even in the treatment of nerve problems. You should ensure that you consistently do exercises on a regular basis. It will help improve blood flow to the damaged nerves, helping in the healing process of the nerves. The exercises may be as simple as water aerobics or even just walking, or specialized routing to suit your individual needs.


tiredThis is considered the least expensive and probably the easiest natural treatment for nerve pain. All you need is to soak the affected area, usually the arms or legs, in warm water. Your blood blow will temporarily be increased due to the change in temperature. Increased blood flow accelerates the healing process of damaged nerves. Ensure that the water temperature is at optimum levels before soaking to avoid getting burns.

Yoga and meditation

Having a good yoga or meditation session can help you relax and take your mind of the nerve pain. Certain yoga movements are also known to relieve sciatic pain. Though the effects might be temporary, yoga and meditation are still an excellent way to control nerve pain.