Before purchasing basketball shoes you should consider different factors. As you know, basketball requires intensive movements, such as running, jumping, shooting, dribbling, and much more. The shoes you choose ought to stand for these actions. They need to serve as protection for players from injuries. The following are some of the things to consider:

Style of Play

basketball shoesThere are three main types of players – fast player, all-around player, and power player. If you are a power player, you should choose shoes with awesome cushioning. This is because the players pay attention to the comfort of the feet as they play. Also, they have more movements than other players.

On the other hand, all-around players should choose shoes with moderate cushioning and ankle support. Also, they should be lightweight. They need comfortable shoes that can allow them to move freely on the court. Fast players need lightweight shoes as they want to move quickly and execute their tricks.

Shoe Structure

Finding shoes with an excellent structure is secure. By understanding various parts of the shoes, you can pick what is good for you. Usually, the upper part of the shoe should be soft. This is the part that is ideal in keeping the foot secured during play. Another important part is the shoe cut. This is divided into three major types: low-tops, mid-tops, and high-tops. The choice for the shoe cut is dependent on your playing style.


quality basketball shoesThe common materials used to make basketball shoes include leather, canvas, and synthetic rubber. It is difficult to find basketball shoes that are made up of natural leather. Most of the shoes are made of the synthetic rubber. The good thing about this material is that it offers stability, breathability, flexibility, and durability. Also, synthetic leather is lightweight than natural leather.

Cushioning Materials

Cushioning is a vital part of the basketball shoe. It promotes the comfort of the player. Usually, cushioning is made of fiber and air to provide the much-needed comfort. The right material will make you feel like standing on the soft pillow.

Right Shoe Size

You need to determine the best shoe size correctly. Choosing the wrong size can be a serious mistake. Avoid selecting shoes that are too small or too large for the feet. This will ensure you get the right fit to take your game to another level.